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Cantorial Soloist Jodi Blankstein received her certificate Jodi Blankstein, Cantorial Soloistin Jewish liturgical music from Hebrew College in June of 2010. For almost 16 years, Jodi has had the honor and joy of leading services as a congregational Cantorial Soloist as well as one who serves families outside of the traditional sanctuary walls.

Over the past several years, her "Jodi Chants" simcha business has blossomed, with more and more families finding their way to her. To that end, several years ago,  she decided to leave her congregational pulpit and centralize her efforts into serving her "Jodi Chants" families.

Prior to her Cantorial work, Jodi attended Lesley College where she received her degree in Elementary Education. After teaching elementary school for ten years, Jodi was inspired to begin her journey in sacred music while raising her two children. Immersing herself in her Cantorial role has enabled Jodi to combine her love of teaching and spiritual song.

Jodi lives in Needham, Massachusetts with her husband Jim. They have two adult children: their daughter Sydney, a 5th-grade teacher who lives in Connecticut with her husband, Alex, and son Zachary, a professional guitarist and songwriter who is traveling around the country with his band, Couch.

You're invited to hear pieces from Jodi's CD, "From Within." See the links below, and click the "Listen to Jodi" link to hear more selections.

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Jodi's original composition, "This Place" is available on iTunes, click this link:
"Mourning Into Dancing"


"Stay With Me"