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Praise for Jodi

Jodi quickly became a friend and a mentor

Our son John had his Bar Mitzvah this past weekend and from our very first meeting with Jodi it was clear that she was going to be so much more than a tutor for John. John always looked forward to his weekly sessions with Jodi and worked hard every week leading up to his Bar Mitzvah. We do not belong to a Temple and John never had any formal Hebrew school. I was worried that Jodi would look down on that and potentially tell us it wasn't possible for John to have a Bar Mitzvah. It was quite the opposite, she was warm and welcoming and proud of John for making the choice to have a Bar Mitzvah and gave us the reassurance that everything would be wonderful. It was MORE than wonderful, It was magical.They studied together for 18 months and I can not thank her enough for her guidance, knowledge and patience. June 8th 2024 was a dream come true. We hosted a small service in our backyard for our family and a few very close friends. John was never given a Hebrew name as a baby and not only did he have his Bar Mitzvah, but Jodi also gave him his Hebrew name. We had Jewish family and non Jewish family in attendance and the service felt accessible for everyone. Jodi and Adam are a dynamic duo! Between Jodi's voice and Adam's guitar the entire event felt like a spiritual event. One that we will never forget. Thank you Jodi and Adam for everything and we can't wait to be a part of this family for many years to come. We finally feel like we have a Jewish community to be a part of.

The Hay Family


People were raving about how meaningful it was

We will forever be grateful to Jodi for the incredible ceremony she created for our daughter Olivia’s Bat Mitzvah. Friends from far and wide came in for this service and people were raving about how meaningful it was to them. They felt the love in the air and we did too. The connection Jodi created with our daughter was so meaningful and special. She has a warmth about her that is so apparent with not only how she interacts with her students but how she conducts her ceremonies. Jodi’s voice is breathtakingly beautiful which made Olivias service extra special.
Jodi, thank you just isn’t enough for how exceptional Olivia’s service was and the care you took with our daughter to create it. You created a moment in time we will never forget. We are so appreciative and loved working with you on this special day.

Jodi created such a warm and inclusive atmosphere

We are so grateful to have had Jodi's guidance for our daughter, Maddy's Bat Mitzvah journey.  Jodi and Maddy bonded immediately over their shared love of music and they worked together to create a meaningful and beautiful service.  Maddy met with Jodi weekly to practice and learn about the meaning of becoming a Bat Mitzvah.

Jodi really took the time to get to know Maddy and was so flexible and thoughtful in choosing readings and prayers that reflected Maddy's own beliefs.  She explained much of the meaning behind the prayers in English, which was so helpful for our guests who had not participated in a such a celebration.  It was a unique and special occasion. 

Thank you very much from the Morgenstein and SaCouto family!


There was not one thing we would have changed!

When our daughter's bat mitzvah was postponed and then cancelled because of
a move and Covid, we tabled the event and figured we'd do something for her
when she was older. But she came to us one day having decided she REALLY
wanted to be bat mitzvah'd -- AND wanted to do it before her next
birthday...which would give her only 4 months to prepare! Jodi came highly
recommended by several people, I loved her immediately, and I knew Ryann was
motivated but still was assuming the service would be mostly Jodi doing the
work, while our daughter did what little she'd be able to learn in such a short
period of time. We have NO IDEA how Jodi was able to teach Ryann everything
she needed to know, and more, in less than 4 months, but Ryann basically did
the whole service! She felt like she really knew and understood what she was
doing and she ENJOYED both the tutoring time with Jodi and her service. It was
THE most special evening and was made even more beautiful not only by Jodi's
amazing voice but her knowledge, her guidance and all of the personal touches
she added to the service. I honestly couldn't count how many people came up to
us afterwards gushing with compliments for Jodi and shared that she had done
one of the nicest job they'd ever seen! The bat mitzvah was months ago and
people are STILL commenting on what a touching, outstanding job she did.

It was so special and something we will always cherish

Jodi was the tutor and cantor for our daughter’s bat mitzvah in 2021 and we knew that she would do the same for our son this year. Jodi and Jacob worked together beautifully for a year over zoom. Jodi is able to create a safe and nurturing environment that allowed Jacob to learn, grow and build confidence. She was encouraging, kind and thoughtful in the way she approached their sessions and to the needs of Jacob.

Jacob’s service was only one week after the horrific terror attacks in Israel on October 7. Everyone was still in shock, sad and angry about the horror that took place. Jodi created a warm and welcoming environment where we all came together to celebrate the milestone of Jacob becoming a bar mitzvah. Her compassion, beautiful words and songs gave us all such comfort. Many people said that Jacob’s service was the best they have ever been to.

Jodi is truly an extraordinary person. Her genuine heart and enthusiasm are infectious. She is forever a part of our family.

- The Frieze Family


The service was not only beautiful but also a reflection of your exceptional leadership and spiritual insight

Thank you so much for the incredible dedication and warmth you brought to preparing our daughter, Ellie, for her Bat Mitzvah in November 2023. Your guidance was not only professional but deeply personal, ensuring that Ellie's unique personality and charm shone brightly throughout the process and during the service.

It was a difficult time to be celebrating anything at all, considering the recent trauma of October 7th, 2023. Your ability to make every person feel welcome and included was truly remarkable. It created an atmosphere of community and joy that elevated the entire experience.

We are deeply grateful for the role you played in this significant milestone in Ellie's life. Your impact will be remembered and cherished by our family for many years to come.

With Heartfelt Thanks, The Roth Family


Thank you for creating such a beautiful and meaningful Bat Mitzvah ceremony!

During our very first conversation, I shared with you our family's Jewish journey and how we had come to find ourselves without a home synagogue. You very quickly understood our background and what we envisioned for our daughter’s Bat Mitzvah which instantly put me at ease. The time and patience you dedicated to working with Julia throughout the year, going at her pace and teaching her how to read Torah, paid off big time as we watched her confidently lead her Bat Mitzvah service. The ceremony itself felt incredibly personal and specially tailored to our family. Your insightful explanations about the significance of each tradition were so beautiful. You included so many unique moments for us that we will cherish forever. Our ceremony had a diverse group of guests - both Jewish and non-Jewish, some of whom had never experienced a Mitzvah before. Everyone felt totally engaged and deeply moved by the ceremony. And Jodi, your voice, combined with Adam's magical guitar playing was beyond!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!

Jodi Created a Very Special and Meaningful Atmosphere

Our daughter was recently "Bat Mitzvahed" by Jodi, and the service was nothing short of perfect. Being that it was the day after recent attacks on Israel, Jodi beautifully wove Israel into the service and sang a gorgeous version of Yerushalayim shel Zahav.

Jodi was able to make the service relatable to all who attended the service, whether Jewish or not, and created a very special and meaningful atmosphere for the duration. We are forever grateful for having met Jodi a year before Lexi’s bat mitzvah and for her to have been such an instrumental person in her Jewish education.

- Lisa Tabachnick


Chase Developed a Deeper Understanding and Connection to His Jewish Heritage

We cannot express enough gratitude for the incredible experience Chase had learning from Jodi for his Bar Mitzvah. From the beginning Jodi exhibited professionalism, patience and expertise in guiding him through this significant journey. As Jodi has a deep understanding of Jewish prayers, traditions, songs and customs, she imparted her knowledge to Chase and ultimately to all of our friends and family. Jodi skillfully personalizes her approach to teaching. She tailored the lessons to suit my child's learning style, ensuring that he felt comfortable and confident as he progressed.

Learning to chant Torah portions and prayers can be challenging, but Jodi's patience and encouragement made all the difference. This positive reinforcement boosted Chase's confidence and motivation. Chase was not only successfully prepared for his Bar Mitzvah but also developed a deeper understanding and connection to his Jewish heritage. The ceremony was meaningful and personal. We wholeheartedly recommend Jodi to any family seeking a knowledgeable, patient, and caring guide for their child. Their impact goes far beyond the lessons, shaping a meaningful and memorable experience for the entire family.

Love, The Berkowitz Family


Our Kids Were So Proud of Themselves and Thankful to Jodi

We were originally going to have our B’nei Mitzvah service in Israel. When our kids asked to have a traditional service and party in Boston, we didn’t even know where to start. As soon as we met Jodi, we knew we would be okay. With warmth and an infectious energy, she began tutoring the kids in the basic Shabbat service prayers. As their confidence grew, she led them through their Torah portions and writing their d’var Torah. At every step of the way, Jodi helped explain the flow of the service and the meaning of the prayers. As the day got closer and our kids were more nervous, Jodi eased their concerns and built them up to handle the big moment with grace and maturity.

Our service was absolutely beautiful. Jodi and Adam are particularly talented and experienced, so there is an ease and a flow from start to finish. Jodi led an inclusive service, honoring our loved ones and explaining our rituals so everyone could follow. More than anything, she made our Judaism and this rite of passage accessible to everyone in the room. Our kids were so proud of themselves and thankful to Jodi for helping them make the moment so special. We are so grateful to Jodi and thankful for what our family experienced. My cousin sent a note that said ‘We all walked away with hearts full of love, pride in our family and memories that will last a lifetime'.

- Kara and David


The Most Meaningful and Special Day

Working with Jodi has been an absolute pleasure from start to finish. She has an energy about her that keeps the kids motivated and engaged through every lesson. She is also very organized which makes the process seamless. We have full confidence of a successful journey and service when we are working with Jodi.

The service comes together in such a magical way as she has helps the children to be fully prepared and to feel confident, and even excited. Each service is catered to the family to make it the most meaningful and special day. It will never be a boring service with Jodi. Her voice is absolutely beautiful and warms your heart. It’s a service that will stay with you forever. Jodi has become family to us and we would recommend her 100 percent.

- Diana Peselman


A Beautiful Bat-Mitzvah Service Far Beyond our Expectations

When we found out that we weren’t going to be able to have our daughter’s bat-mitzvah at our temple due to COVID restrictions we were devastated. We asked around for recommendations and Jodi was one of the many that we interviewed. As soon as we met her, we knew she would be the one. She was warm, caring, genuine and fabulous with my daughter, Riley. She seamlessly took over Riley’s tutoring and made the ceremony planning simple for my husband and I. She made sure everyone was happy and getting what they needed every step of the way.

As for the day of, her voice was beautiful and soothing and her words were personalized just for Riley. Our guests were beyond complimentary of her and our service and many have said it was the most enjoyable bat-mitzvah service they had ever attended. We cannot thank her enough for creating such a beautiful service and experience for our family and friends. We look forward to joining her at services in the future.


Jodi Brings a Sense of Calm and Joy with Her Voice

Wonderful Cantorial Soloist Jodi Blankstein prepared both of my children for their respective Bar and Bat Mitzvah services several years apart. Each event was special, but with Jodi officiating, each was remarkable. Everyone who attended still asks me, “Where can we see and hear Jodi again?”

Jodi is a great teacher, able to understand each individual student’s needs, and she works well with all families. Jodi makes the ceremony understandable for all and brings a sense of calm and joy with her voice. The combination of song and explanation makes the ceremony very meaningful. As a Cantorial Soloist, Jodi is able to bring everything that is needed for an amazing moment in the Bar/Bat Mitzvah experience, which I know can be difficult. Jodi’s cantorial role was essential in creating our memorable experience. The soulful music added a crucial ingredient for the simcha. Jodi’s is a true gift to the Jewish community of Greater Boston.


The Result was a Magical Moment

From the outset, having a successful Bar Mitzvah for our oldest was going to be a challenge. The classes would be virtual, the ceremony would be virtual with Jodi in Massachusetts and us in Israel, and friends connecting via Zoom in England, Massachusetts and California. Undaunted, in less than 10 months, Jodi was able to teach a boy with little to no formal Hebrew training, his prayers and Torah readings. She was able to connect with and inspire a sports crazed teen to diligently practice his readings every week without prompting. Getting our son ready was one challenge, helping to coordinate and conduct a virtual ceremony without a dry run was even more daunting. With the help of her tech wizard Shana and wonderful guitarist Adam, Jodi and her team helped pull off the perfect ceremony.

The result was a magical moment, overlooking lake Kinneret on a gorgeous Spring afternoon with family and friends across the world watching our boy become a man. We can’t thank you enough Jodi for inspiring Nikolai and helping us make this special event perfect. We look forward to having you help Alek in 2 years time.


We Are So Fortunate That We Found Jodi

She came recommended to us after the tutor and officiant for our other children had retired. Jodi had big shoes to fill! But from the moment we met her, we all knew she was the one to lead Sara, and us, through her Bat Mitzvah preparation and service. Sara’s Bat Mitzvah was not held in a temple, so not only did Jodi prepare Sara, but she also was able to provide and help us with everything we needed to have the service. In fact, as we began to panic about having an event during a pandemic, Jodi put us in touch with colleagues to offer a zoom component so Sara’s Bat Mitzvah could be hybrid.

We have received so many compliments on Sara’s service, from Jodi’s beautiful singing voice (a true highlight) to the inclusive and meaningful prayers she included. Our extended family has been through 7 family Bar and Bat Mitzvahs in as many years, and we heard from many relatives "Sara’s was the best one!".


A Wonderful Experience

From the first moment we met Jodi, our family had an amazing experience preparing for our daughters Bat Mitzvah. Jodi bonded with her immediately and Alexis felt understood, supported and cherished throughout the entire tutoring process. Jodi is a truly gifted educator, who creates a magical and understanding space for your child to grow and learn throughout the months they study together.

We cannot say enough about the thoughtful and beautiful service Jodi created for our daughter. It was incredible to both see and feel the bond between Alexis and Jodi throughout the service. Jodi has an absolutely beautiful voice and is a wonderfully gifted service-leader who fills the room with love and joy. When asked about her Bat Mitzvah, our daughter expresses with gratitude her special relationship with Jodi and how meaningful that was to her. Our guests all commented on how much they loved the service and how engaged they felt even from afar. We feel so blessed that Jodi made the Bat Mitzvah one of the most memorable experiences of our lives.

- The Westerling Family


Thank You For Creating a Beautiful and Inspirational Service

We feel very fortunate that Jodi was our daughter, Olivia's, tutor and led her Bat Mitzvah service. Their weekly lessons were via Zoom and Olivia and Jodi effortlessly formed a special bond. This truly made Olivia look forward to her tutoring sessions each week. Jodi is so caring, warm and a pure delight!

Family and friends continue to comment on the beautiful service because it was extremely meaningful and relevant. Thanks to Jodi's expertise, Olivia was completely comfortable and prepared. In addition to reading the Torah, she led the service with ease, and now has a true understanding of the importance and significance of the service. Jodi's beautiful voice and explanations created an engaging and inclusive environment. In preparation for this special day, Olivia shared her Mitzvah project with Jodi. Some of her volunteer work included collecting and making donations to Ukraine. Jodi then suggested a "Prayer for Ukraine" for us to include. This one prayer touched so many. Thank you, Jodi for creating a beautiful and inspirational service for Olivia's Bat Mitzvah! This was the most memorable and spectacular day and we were blessed to have Jodi guide and teach us!

- Love, Staci, Rob and Olivia


There is Only One Jodi

What can I say about Jodi Stern Blankstein that hasn't already been celebrated by countless others? As a friend and colleague for more than a decade I've seen her work her magic more times than I can count. And as I consider what she does, I realize how extraordinary this woman is. There are a lot of choices for cantorial clergy, but there is only one Jodi. Her intention, heart, and warmth are evident in every service. And every b'nei mitzvah she is a part of is a model to which others can only aspire, - every child, every service, every time - perfection. To say she has been a blessing to me and my family is an understatement.

Her work with my J leading up to his bar mitzvah was such that he looked forward to and embraced every meeting with her. She's the best teacher I've ever known and every kid she helps absolutely adores her. He led the service with poise and confidence and so much of that is the result of preparation and practice which Jodi led him through with grace and love.

Most people who work with Jodi with their oldest child book the rest of their children immediately after the service, as have I. If you need a teacher, officiant, and voice for your child's special day, you'll find exactly everything you could dream of with Jodi Blankstein.

We are So Appreciative and Grateful
We had the most wonderful experience working with Jodi. From the moment we met Jodi, she was warm, caring and put everyone at ease. Talia’s sessions were done entirely on Zoom but Jodi created a comfortable, safe space and a strong connection with her and our family.

Talia had an incredible Bat Mitzvah education and experience. Jodi’s genuine interest in really getting to know Talia and her passion for Jewish education showed throughout this process. Jodi has provided Talia a lifelong positive feeling about her religion and heritage. Talia was so confident due in large measure to Jodi's teaching and appreciation of her ability to lead the service. Watching Talia's joyfulness, her comfort leading the service and reading the Torah, is something our family will always treasure. Jodi made everyone feel included. It was a true partnership from beginning to end.

We are so appreciative and grateful that Jodi provided Talia with such an enriching and fulfilling mitzvah process. We are excited to have Jodi work with our son Jacob in the next year. We look forward to enjoying many life events and celebrations with her guidance and support. Jodi is part of our family forever!


- The Frieze Family

We Were Moved by How Beautiful the Service Was

I could not have asked for a more wonderful experience! Jodi was wonderful to work with throughout the entire process and magical on the day of Giselle‘s bat mitzvah. She is well organized and knows exactly what is needed to teach and inspire a child. When it all came together on Giselle’s special day, we were moved by how beautiful the service was and how well our child was prepared. Every detail was thought through. Jodi made sure to find ways to make this unique to our family. We loved working with Jodi and her voice is absolutely beautiful.

- Diana Peselman


With Much Gratitude and Praise
We cannot express enough gratitude to Jodi for creating such a beautiful service and experience for our family and friends at our son Nathan’s Bar Mitzvah. It was a joyful and deeply moving experience for our family and all who shared the day with us. Many expressed that it was the most beautiful service they had ever attended. We had several parents call us after the event to share that their child had come home and told them that they had enjoyed the service so much that they wanted Jodi for their Mitzvah!

Jodi is a profoundly gifted and talented spiritual leader and teacher. Her beautiful voice, combined with her gentle and wisdom-filled guidance, provides her students with a meaningful and enjoyable experience. Nathan’s time studying with Jodi was thought provoking, educational and fun. Nathan looked forward to his weekly meetings with Jodi and would often share with us how much he enjoyed their time together. Jodi has a terrific talent for engaging her students in a very deep and significant way, while making the process of preparation extremely stimulating.
Jodi has a true gift for making each individual student feel special and genuinely supported in every way. She is someone who will be a partner and guide in helping you create a unique, meaningful and celebratory day. We cannot recommend Jodi highly enough.

- The Korzenik Family

The Service Itself was Nothing Short of Spectacular
We’ve been fortunate to know Jodi for over two decades. Jodi’s voice is mesmerizing and her knowledge and respect for the process, for the tradition, and for Max’s and our family’s needs is readily apparent. As our son Max’s Bar Mitzvah approached and we struggled to determine options given the ensuing pandemic, we turned to Jodi as an alternative to having Max’s Bar Mitzvah in our synagogue and instead having the service and our celebration in the same place. While we were certainly late making this decision, Jodi literally jumped right in. The entire process was personalized to Max. He learned quickly and actually enjoyed working with Jodi throughout the process.

When it was time for the big day, Max was confident and excited because he was prepared. The service itself was nothing short of spectacular. We enjoyed every single minute of it. Jodi’s personalization to Max and to our family was so incredibly apparent.. We were approached by at least a dozen of our guests after the service and every one said it was the best Bar Mitzvah service they had ever attended. We completely agree. For 90+ minutes Jodi captured the moment, and the attention of 100+ guests (including the kids), beautifully. We can also attest to the incredible personalization that Jodi applies to the event. The very next Saturday we were at another Bar Mitzvah that Jodi officiated. It was equally beautiful, but different than Max’s. We were able to witness first-hand how much Jodi personalized Max’s Bar Mitzvah to Max and to our family. We honestly couldn’t be happier. We highly recommend Jodi for your son or daughter’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah.

- Matt and Wendy Karlyn

Flawless From Start to Finish
Thank you for everything! It’s hard to believe it was almost four years ago you officiated Jake’s Bar Mitzvah. You were amazing then and you were absolutely incredible throughout the entire process with Zach. The main difference between the Bar Mitzvah process for my two kids was that with Zach’s we had to deal with the difficulties of Covid. Zach’s course of study was longer with you due to the fact we had to move his date forward. You managed to keep him excited and engaged each week. He looked forward to his Tuesday lessons with you. You have a unique way to be able to connect with all different types of learners. Before you started with Zach I was concerned because he’s a different type of learner than Jake. You made the process fun for him and kept him engaged. When family and friends heard when Zach’s Bar Mitzvah would be, many asked if you would be doing the service. When I told them yes, they said how beautiful Jake’s service was and how much they were looking forward to Zach’s because you would be officiating. Not only do you have the most beautiful voice, but you also have an incredible way of engaging the congregation. Many people in attendance not from the Jewish faith told me how comfortable they felt and how much they loved the service. I can’t thank you enough for all of your kindness and support throughout the entire process. You helped make what could have been a difficult process seamless. Thank you again for all of your support. I’m looking forward to the next time we can work together!

Love, The Levy Family

Our family is in awe of Jodi
Our family is in awe of Jodi and the experience we have had with her. Our 2 older sons both became Bar Mitzvah at our Temple. That was the plan for our daughter, too, with an original Bat Mitzvah date of April 2020. Due to Covid, the date was moved several times at our Temple, but ultimately the dates offered to us (all in 2020) would mean our daughter would have an entirely virtual service. Even though Emily was fully prepared for her original date, she really wanted to wait as long as possible in the hope that at least her grandparents, or a small group of friends, could be present in person for her Bat Mitzvah. Jodi was compassionate and optimistic and she and Emily practice via Zoom over the year, and their bond grew quickly.

Jodi is warm, loving, caring, and exceptional at teaching and keeping a young person engaged. Emily’s Bat Mitzvah was ultimately held outside at our house on June 19, 2021, 424 days after her original date. Emily embraced her practice with Jodi, and despite the very lengthy delay, she enjoyed the practice of studying with Jodi. She looked forward to every appointment they had, as Jodi arrived enthusiastically and with contagious energy.

Once the day finally arrived, Jodi, Emily and the service were MAGICAL. Our family and friends had no doubt that Jodi knew, understood, and appreciated Emily and her journey to become a Bat Mitzvah. Her service was breathtakingly beautiful. Jodi’s voice is beautiful. Her words, poise and warmth are captivating and meaningful. Many people said it was the best service they had ever experienced. Despite the long wait, and many changes in plans, meeting Jodi and choosing her as the officiant for Emily’s Bat Mitzvah was truly a silver lining for us. I would choose her again in a heartbeat, and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

- The Harmon Family

One of the most memorable experiences of our life
Our entire family can't thank you enough. We are so grateful to have been introduced to you. You quite simply made Andi's Bat Mitzvah one of the most memorable experiences of our life. From the moment we met you, you embraced our family with your warm, knowledgable, and reassuring demeanor. With the voice of an angel and the heart of a mother, you led the most meaningful service that touched every soul in the Shul. Your thoughtful explanations enabled everyone to feel included.

What was so special to our family, in particular, was how personal you made the service, the comments we received after ranged from, " I have never experienced a service so beautiful and inclusive" to "that was the most amazing Bat Mitzvah I have ever been to."

A few of the things that we found most unique and appreciated

  • Your warmth and excitement to truly educate Andi in all aspects of the significance of becoming a young woman in G-ds eyes.
  • Your ability to listen to our wishes and guide us, the parents so diplomatically.
  • The magical way you brought 200 people from a variety of denominations together.
  • You allowed Andi to shine and lead the service with grace and confidence.
There are truly no words to describe the magical feeling that you created, you elevated the souls of every single person in the Shul.

- Forever Grateful, XX, Margi and Dan

A moving and inspirational service
I know i briefly said thanks prior to starting the service yesterday- but words cannot do justice to what was delivered. We so appreciate your guidance and support you gave both of our individual children. Both Jay and I heard over and over all night how much our guests loved the service and your approach, voice and demeanor. The length was not even a concern- a true sign of success. You absolutely brought to life the most important aspect of the entire evening. I just wanted to reiterate our gratitude on behalf of all the "J"'s in our family.

When the dust all settles and the party is really over, there is time for quiet reflection. Ultimately, you are left with why you celebrated your children in the first place. What will our guests remember? (Certainly not the chachkas, or even our theme) What they will be left with is what we started with - a moving and inspirational service that not only celebrated Jack and Juliana's accomplishments, but also appreciated how sacred and special this tradition is. Thank you, Jodi, for bonding us all together, both family and friends in a truly amazing and memorable b'nai mitzvah service. We were mesmerized by your incredible cantoral voice and Adam's beautiful guitar playing!

- Love, Juliana, Jack, Jane & Jay Mazur

Truly magical
Thanks to Jodi, the occasion of our son, Ben, becoming a Bar Mitzvah was truly a magical experience. In May 2019, Jodi officiated the most extraordinary service. Our friends and family marveled at her voice, her warmth, the approachability & joyfulness of the service. But most of all, they were awed by the profoundly strong connection that Jodi so obviously had with our son. The relationship Jodi created with Ben was far deeper than we ever expected. She was an incredibly thoughtful, kind and caring teacher who guided Ben as he learned about Judiasm, his torah portion and himself during their sessions. Jodi truly got to know our son & tapped into his curiosity and creativity during their journey together towards Ben becoming a Bar Mitzvah.

We first met Jodi when she lent her beautiful voice as the cantor at the service at which our daughter became a Bat Mitzvah in 2017. Sarah had taken a more traditional path via the program at Temple Beth Elohim. For our son, we knew we wanted more of a 1:1 experience so we were incredibly fortunate to have met Jodi. Working with Jodi was a perfect fit for Ben's learning style and seeing them grow so close filled me with warmth. Our son adored working with Jodi and looked forward to their sessions at which they talked about the meaning of the prayers, discussed ways the words of the Torah can be seen in how we live today and they laughed and shared inside jokes. She is one of the most extraordinary teachers he will ever know. Ben knew when his day arrived, that he was ready and knowing Jodi would be by his side, he felt confident. When he finished his torah portion he looked at Jodi & the pride and love between them was palpable. The service was perfect but it was everything that came during the months of preparation that made it truly magical. I cannot recommend Jodi more highly!

Ah- Maz-ing!
I met Jodi years ago when she started a women's singing group at my temple. The group included anyone who was a singing professional to people who like me who like to sing in the shower! From the beginning Jodi was incslusive and wove her music and magic every week we met. When I was looking for someone to guide our daughter Abby on her journey to become a Bat-Mitzvah, there was no question to who I would ask. Jodi, who had known Abby since she was little , mentored Abby through our weekly meetings. Jodi is a patient, kind, knowledgeable teacher. She made Abby and our family feel special, and made the process easy and comfortable for all.

The day of the service was beautiful! Jodi was able to honor my parents who had passed by weaving them into the service and explaining to the congregation the importance of passing down Jewish teachings from generation to generation. Her explanation of becoming a bat mitzvah to the congregation made everyone see the importance of the day for Abby. Finally, the music with her guitarist Adam was OUT OF THIS WORLD! Jodi's melodic voice transcends through the congregation and makes the experience feel one of a kind. So many of the guests came up to both Jodi and to us to comment on what an incredibly moving and beautiful service it was. We are so blessed to have had Jodi be a part of our journey with Abby and our family.

Thank you Jodi for leading us through this important milestone! We love you!
- Deb Cohen, parent of Bat Mitzvah

I'm lucky and thrilled that Jodi has chosen to lend her gifts to the work in which I'm involved
I know I write on behalf of many when I say that Jodi's contributions are immeasurable. She has offered her truly beautiful voice to a number of community events with a graciousness and generosity that is innately her. Jodi has shared her voice in song for 300 people at an annual sports day for adults with disabilities, Yom Sport, with great passion and thoughtfulness. Jodi has volunteered her time to contribute, in a leadership capacity, to the creation of an Inclusive Haggadah for the Boston Jewish Community. Her insight and knowledge of the prayers and song guided the committee throughout the process and was celebrated with the successful piloting of the Haggadah at a Community Passover Seder for adults with disabilities. Jodi was equally committed and enthusiastic about her role as cantorial soloist for the Seder of more than 200. She helped to create a totally festive atmosphere in which all were welcome and which all could enjoy. I have appreciated that for Jodi, it always seems important that she lends 100% of herself and that the audiences needs are first to be considered - she seems to have a mission to bring joy and meaning to the lives of people that she has the opportunity to touch.
- Jan Klein, Director, Programs for Adults with Disabilities
and Yom Sport Chair, Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters

Jodi is Amazing!
"Right from the start Jodi made a lasting connection with our daughter and our family. She has been a wonderful role model and teacher, creating a nurturing environment in which Olivia could study and learn what it means to become a Bat-Mitzvah. It was this connection to our daughter and our family that made Olivia's Bat Mitzvah so special. Moreover, the connection and spirit of inclusiveness that Jodi made with our guests during the service added to the beauty of the moment with many of our guests telling us that Olivia's Bat Mitzvah was one of the most beautiful services that they had ever been to. Combine all of that love and joy with Jodi's GORGEOUS, melodic voice and Olivia's Bat-Mitzvah was truly a special moment for not only Olivia- but for our entire family and all who were there to witness her accomplishment.

Thank you Jodi, from the bottom of our hearts! We love you!"
- Andrea Segal, parent of Bat Mitzvah

Jodi Created a Meaningful, Traditional Jewish Wedding Service
Jodi Blankstein officiated at our daughter's wedding and did a beautiful job. The ceremony was lovely. Jodi was able to incorporate everyone's desires and created a meaningful, traditional Jewish wedding service that satisfied all. That was quite a feat. The beauty of the ceremony was enhanced by Jodi's beautiful singing and her choice of music. Her personal comments were both meaningful and humorous. Following the ceremony, our friends and family, who come from many different Jewish and non-Jewish traditions, universally praised the ceremony as "one of the most beautiful" they have attended.
- Andrea & Mark, 2 Happy Parents

Personalized Content, Deep Judaic Knowledge, Loving, Thoughtful Presence
Jodi connected with my daughter instantly and built an incredible relationship with her: at once productive, enriching, and SO much fun! Without exception, Julia truly looked forward to her weekly tutoring sessions! Jodi tailored the Bat Mitzvah preparation to Julia's particular interests, strengths, and personality, consistently engaging her at both a sophisticated intellectual level and an adolescent one.

Jodi's service -- personalized content, deep Judaic knowledge, loving, thoughtful presence -- and totally amazing voice -- really made the day for all of us. Several of our guests clamored to hire her for their own children's Bat Mitzvah preparation after seeing what Jodi did for Julia. I cannot recommend her highly enough as a cantor, tutor, and teen mentor.
- Deb Offner

A Spiritual Touchstone for Our Whole Family
Jodi worked with us and our sons to prepare a beautiful, meaningful Havdalah service to commemorate our boys' B'Nai Mitzvah in Israel. Her warmth and her beautiful voice made both the process and the event itself a spiritual touchstone for our whole family. We recommend her highly to anyone looking for a creative, lyrical service.
- Marla Wolk

Her Soothing Melodies Tenderly Guide our Congregation in Prayer
"It's as if G-d is singing to us through Jodi Blankstein's voice. Her soothing, embracing, emotive melodies tenderly guide our congregation in prayer as we welcome Shabbat. Either with responsive voices or closed eyes, all are engaged. In the last two years or so that Jodi Blankstein has led our services attendance has markedly increased. We need more prayer books and chairs....what a wonderful problem to have. Temple Habonim is experiencing spiritual growth. The love of G-d and the need to be together as a Jewish community is palpable. You can see it in the faces of the children as well as the elders. Jodi Blankstein brings warmth, hope, peace, and G-d to all of us. So many prayers are wonderful but for me the R'Tzei is nectar for the soul. Come to our services and close your eyes....your heart will open."
- Dr. Jay Schachne, congregant of Temple Habonim

Jodi Blankstein is a wonderful singer of Israel!
"She truly understands the role of Cantorial Soloist and the art of chazzanut and makes meaningful and authentic contributions to worship services and life-cycle events. Jodi has a wonderful repertoire of Jewish music, has a keen awareness of how to select and choose music to fit the occasion, has excellent command of Hebrew, and, most importantly, takes her role as a leader of song and prayer seriously. In whatever she does, Jodi fosters an atmosphere of inclusiveness, emanates warmth, and uses her beautiful voice and her heart to bring just the right sound and quality to her work. Jodi creates a sense of community that lasts long beyond the last note she sings at any event, occasion or service."
- Rabbi Lisa Eiduson

Her Beautiful Voice Adds Depth and Richness to our Services
"Jodi Blankstein has served Temple Habonim as our part time cantorial soloist since January 2009. In the time that she has been with us, Jodi has chanted and sung her way into the heart of our congregation. Jodi feels a deep spiritual connection to Jewish music and liturgy, which is evident in the way she leads us in worship. Jodi plays an integral part in creating a deeply prayerful environment for our community. Her beautiful voice adds depth and richness to our services. Jodi is extremely professional and responsible; her presence and her music are a gift to any service in which she participates."
- Rabbi Andrew Klein, Temple Habonim