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Lifecycle Events

Bar and Bat Mitzvah
Having taught elementary school for a decade  prior to being a soloist, Jodi specializes in the preparation of B’Mitzvah students. Her background in elementary education has enhanced her ability to teach to each child’s learning style. Jodi’s mission is to create an intentional learning experience for your child. The meaning behind the Texts being studied is always emphasized so that your child understands the essence of the words being learned and chanted. Jodi will also help you to craft a service unique to your child, highlighting tradition, community and family. In addition to providing a Torah and an Ark, Jodi has crafted a beautiful prayer book, including thoughtful explanations of the prayers to be shared at the service. The soulful music Jodi brings to each simcha is richly enhanced by her guitarist, Adam Dehner.

Brit Milah/Bris and Simchat Bat/Brit Bat
(covenential circumcision ceremony for boys and celebration of the birth of a daughter - covenential ceremony for girls)
Jodi will help you to create a soulful service for your newborn that will encompass song, family and ritual. For a Brit Milah, she will add spiritual song to the work of your chosen mohel. For a Simchat Brit, she is able to work independently or with a rabbi.

Jodi will enrich this special day with traditional spiritual music as well as other pieces of your choice. She coordinates with your rabbi.

Funerals/Unveiling services
The chanting of several traditional psalms at a funeral or unveiling service can add comfort to and console those grieving. Jodi will chant these soothing pieces and other family chosen songs that will help to honor and bring peace to the moment.

Jodi is available to sing at all lifecycle events with or without accompaniment.